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Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Curriculum

Our homeschool curriculum includes our own textbooks for some our classes...


- Biology - College Prep (9th-12th)
- Life Prep Biology (8th-12th)
- Chemistry - College Prep (10th-12th)
- Life Prep Chemistry (9th-12th)
- Physics - College Prep (10th-12th)
- Life Prep Physics (9th-12th)
- Human Anatomy & Physiology (9th-12th)

- Embryology - The Magnificence of Human Development (9th-12th)

- Forensic Science & Human Anatomy (7th-12th)
- Exercise and Sports Physiology (8th-12th)
- Pre-Biology (6th-8th)

- Pre-Anatomy & Physiology (6th-8th)

- Pre-Physics (6th-8th)

- Pre-Chemistry (6th-8th)

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Our homeschool curriculum also includes our lab manuals for our Biology and chemistry two day lab intensives at locations nationwide.

- Biology / Anatomy & Physiology

- Chemistry

Click here for details on our two day lab intensives.

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