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I'm Mailing a Letter to Every Country in the World

Would Love Your Feedback on This

It all started years ago as I taught my high school level homeschooled students about the metric system as a part of my science classes. In explaining to them that the vast majority of countries (excluding the U.S.) use the metric system as theirofficial system of measurement, i would ask them...

----------      Approximately how many countries are there in the world?

On average, only about 5% of students knew the answer to that question. The guesses ranged from 12 to 5,000. :)

As of sum
mer 2023...
206 sovereign state countries
----- 193 are United Nations members
----- 2 are non-member observer states
----- 11 are non-members

So began my quest for students to have a better awareness of countries around the world - so many of them are so interesting and are in such unique parts of the world. I'm putting together a brief guide to countries of the world to use with my students and
to make available to homeschooling families.

A continuation of that quest is to (snail) mail a letter to all 206 countries!

It will be an interesting project in itself! And, I'll ask them to reply with two science points of interest (related to their country) that they would like homeschooled students in the United States to be aware of.

-----  Can you think of anything else I should ask?
-----  If you'd like me to keep you posted on this project just email me with "keep me posted"...


Greg Landry

Homeschool Dad & Former College Professor


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