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Christian Worldview
Online Spanish 1 & 2 Language Classes
For Homeschooled Students 2024-25



My name is Rebecca and the first thing you should know about me is that I love Spanish.


But I haven't always.

Fell in Love with Spanish


I was homeschooled grades 1-12 and unwillingly took Spanish 1 as a junior in high school (homeschool!) because I had no other option. However, I quickly fell in love with the language and couldn't get enough! I minored in Spanish in college and majored in Social Work.


Moved to Spain

In 2017 I moved to southern Spain where I lived for seven years. I was immersed in the culture and language and I'm fluent in Spanish. In 2021, I received my Spanish Advanced Language Level C1 (the European language level system) and continue to learn something new every day! I love the people, the culture, and the language and look forward to sharing that passion with students!


                                            My Spanish 1 & 2 Students

I also hope that the students in my Spanish 1 & 2 classes will come to appreciate more aspects of the Lord as we learn about a different language and culture. My desire is that we all come to know and love our Creator more and more and experience the joy and life that He gives us. I'm excited to take students on their journey through Spanish 1 or Spanish 2.


Please see class details below. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions:


Rebecca Landry

AKA: Señorita Landry


About Señorita Landry


- Was homeschooled grades 1-12

- Attended Asbury University on swimming and academic scholarships

- Graduated with a social work major and a Spanish language minor

- Fluent in Spanish
- Speaks at a C1 Advanced Spanish Language Level

- Lived in Spain for 7 years as a teacher and freelance writer

- Enjoys reading, hiking, running, and swimming

Spanish 1 Class Day & Times

--- Tuesdays: 9:00 am ET (8 spots remaining)
--- Tuesdays: 11:00 am ET (4 spots remaining)

Spanish 2 Class Day & Time

--- Tuesdays: 1:00 pm ET  (1 spot remaining)



FAQ's for Online Classes


Which time zone are class times?


-- All class times are listed as Eastern Time (ET)


What's the recommended grade range for your Spanish 1 class?


-- 8th - 12th grade

Are your Spanish 1 & 2 classes high school level classes?

-- Yes, they are. One foreign language high school credit.


Is there a limit to the number of students per class section?


-- Yes, there is a maximum of 17 students per class section. Space in a class section is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Are students required to attend classes at the live time?


-- Students are required to attend 75% of the live classes. Being able to participate in class is extremely important for language learning. When a student misses a live class, they can watch the class recording. The class recording is posted to the student's class homeroom page three hours after the live class ends and is available to students 24/7. Even when students attend the live class, being able to re-watch a class is a helpful resource.

When does the homeschool year for Spanish 1 & 2 classes begin and end?

-- The fall semester is late August through mid December and the spring semester is early January through early May. Exact dates will be posted in July.


Will students speak in class?

-- Speaking is an essential part of learning Spanish and very important to me. Speaking during class will not be optional - it will be mandatory. I will encourage students to speak up without fear! When speaking a second language, making mistakes just comes with the territory and is part of the learning process. I believe that as language-learners, if we aren't making any mistakes, we aren't speaking enough!


Are students required to purchase a textbook and workbook for the class?

-- Yes. I use the BJU Press Spanish textbook and workbook. The exact required books will be communicated via email once your student is registered.


Are students issued an end-of-class grade for a class?


-- Yes, students receive an end-of-class grade in their grade book online. This serves as an independent evaluation of a student's performance. For some colleges and universities, a grade from an independent class validates homeschool grades.


What are details of the online classes?


-- Classes are once a week for 90 minutes (with a 5-minute break halfway through class). When it comes to learning a language, an hour and a half once a week is not much! I am their online guide and I expect students to learn and study outside of class time. There will be homework plus I hope that a lot of their learning is fun exposure to Spanish throughout their week. Parents, please get ready for vocabulary flash cards all over the house! :)


-- Students are guided in their study and held accountable to complete the work, yet are led toward being independent learners. Parents do not have to do any grading or anything else for classes but are encouraged to be aware of what their students are doing... and participate in learning the Spanish words for household objects ;)


-- I will use Canvas as a virtual "homeroom" for a student's online class. Everything is there - the live class  "classroom", the class recordings, the homework assignments, the exams, the grade book, and the chat for students to communicate with their classmates outside of class.


--  During class, students can see and hear me and they can see the classroom whiteboard. And, they can communicate with me via chat and their microphone in class.


-- Important! All students are required to have a working microphone for speaking in class, homework assignments, and oral testing. I also request that students turn their video on during class so I can see their faces as they learn :)


-- Students can also communicate with me via our class homeroom email outside of class. I will prioritize email from students and respond in a timely manner.


-- Students will have a weekly homework assignment that they turn in through the online platform Canvas. Homework will include exercises from the activity book, flashcard vocabulary practice, and recording an audio in Spanish along with other activities such as listening to a conversation, watching a video, or writing sentences.


-- Students take graded written and oral exams (approximately once a month) at their "homeroom" in Canvas.


-- Student's grades for homework and exams are available to them in the Canvas grade book in their "homeroom" as well as their current overall grade for the class.


-- Students are issued a final grade at the end of the class.


Are there optional weekly online office hours for students to ask questions or practice their pronunciation?


-- Yes, students have the option of attending a weekly office hour in the online classroom. Attendance is optional, but it's a good time for them to ask questions, practice speaking, or just listen in. It's simply extra practice for those who are able and want to attend!


What is the average homework time per week?


-- I will expect students to dedicate an hour per weekday to studying, doing homework, and memorizing vocabulary.

Are you teaching your classes as a part of College Prep Science?

No, my classes are separate from College Prep Science as an independent teacher. Since my web site isn't completed yet, for convenience and simplicity, registration for now will be through the College Prep Science web site, but everything going forward will be separate.


What will students know after successful completion of this class?

-- In both Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 classes, we will cover reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar. Your student will learn how to introduce themselves appropriately, ask questions, and talk about school, their hobbies, their preferences, their family, and more. They will also learn about Spanish-speaking countries and cultures.

Are you teaching "Spain Spanish" or "Latin American Spanish" and is there much difference?


-- Since I live in Spain, you may be wondering whether I'll be teaching Spain (Castilian) Spanish or Latin American Spanish - and how different they actually are. My accent and the vocabulary I use is Castilian, so that is what students will mostly hear in class. That said, the differences between the two variations are not many! The Spanish language is generally understood by any Spanish speaker worldwide. Plus, the textbook teaches a lot of Latin American vocabulary, which is what your students will be working with on a daily basis as they study. 

I will be able to point out to students how my accent differs from what they might hear in Latin America as well as some of the variations in vocabulary.


The difference between Spain Spanish and Latin American Spanish is comparable to the differences in the English language as spoken in the United States, the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia, etc.

If I need to cancel my registration, what's your cancellation policy? 


-- Until 10 days prior to the beginning of classes, there is an 80% refund. After 10 days prior to the beginning of classes, there is no refund.


How should I list it on my student's high school transcript?


-- 1 Credit, Foreign Language - Spanish 1

-- 1 Credit, Foreign Language - Spanish 2

What is the tuition fee for the Spanish 1 & 2 live online class?

-- Tuition is $690 for the 2024-2025 homeschool year (late August through early May).

Are there any prerequisites for this class?


-- For Spanish 1, a student should be at least 13 years-old on the first day of class.

-- For Spanish 2, a student must have successfully completed Spanish 1. 


For Spanish 1 or Spanish 2

Tuition is $690 for the 2024-25 Homeschool Year

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