Would you Like to Organize a Two Day Lab Intensive in Your Area?

For many years I've been teaching two day Biology and Chemistry lab intensives throughout the country (at over 300 locations). I love teaching these and students love the hands-on science and learn a lot in the process. Click here to see notes from parents and students.

If you're not familiar with these lab intensives, click here to see all details and click here to see photos.

Organize One in Your Area?

I usually set these up in specific locations that I choose each year and periodically rotate through different locations. Lately, I've had lots of homeschool moms asking me about offering two day lab intensives in their area.

Open Dates.. June or Late October / Early November

I usually don't have space in my schedule to add new lab intensives, but two 2019 dates just came open: June or late October / early November. Note: If you organize a lab intensive in your area one of your children can attend at no cost.

I'll be making a decision soon on locations for these dates.

If You'd Like me to Consider Your Location...

By Thursday, March 28, send email to greg@collegeprepscience.com


Subject line: Lab Intensive in My Area


In your email message please include all of the following...


1. Your Name

2. Your town and state

3. Specifically, how would you be able to promote it in your area? This a very important part of the process.

4. Do you have at least 25 families that you believe would register for either a Biology or Chemistry lab intensive?

5. Would either June or Late October / Early November work for your area? Do you think one would be better than the other?

6. We can secure a location (usually a hotel meeting room) for the intensive but if you have access to a local facility (that could seat 25 students at tables) such as a church or other meeting area, that's usually best if it's convenient to your area. Do you have access to a facility (it's okay if not)? If so, please describe the facility and your access to it.

7. Any other information we should know?

8. Do you have any questions?

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.


Greg Landry

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