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About Greg Landry, M.S.

Greg says he is first and foremost grateful. "The Lord has made me very aware of my need for a grateful heart. I'm grateful for a God who knows me and loves me (with all of my faults), for my family, for the thousands of homeschooling families I've had the privilege of  working with over the past 20 years, for every sunrise, for the magnificence of His Creation, and for the trials in my life (James 1:2-4 ) that shape and mold me, humble me, produce perseverance, and mature me in my faith."


Greg is a husband to his bride of 30+ years, a homeschool dad, and a former college professor. He and his wife homeschooled their two daughters. Both of them have graduated from college, and Greg says, "most importantly, both of them love Jesus. For that we are very grateful."  He grew up in French / Acadian South Louisiana (three of his grandparents were French speakers) and he loves the South Louisiana culture. At age 18 was invited to tryout with the Philadelphia Phillies baseball organization. He played baseball and football in college, and holds a master of science degree from LSU (Louisiana State University).

He has a heart for students and a passion for science... but more specifically a passion for teaching students to see God's hand in every aspect of His creation that surrounds us. His goal is to help them see that God's creation didn't just happen by chance - it wasn't an accident, a fluke of nature.


Greg has spent the past 20+ years teaching science. He taught at a university, taught thousands of homeschooled students, has mentored students planning to pursue science / pre-med degrees, has designed and directed a university anatomy and physiology / biology / cadaver lab, has published and presented scientific research, has academically counseled hundreds of college pre-professional (pre-med, pre-dental, pre-physical therapy, etc.) sophomores and juniors, has designed science labs for homeschooled students, and has written science lab manuals.


Ten years ago he originated the "pre" classes (Pre-Biology, Pre-Anatomy & Physiology, Pre-Chemistry, and Pre-Physics) as a means of minimizing the intimidation of high school level science and preparing middle school age students for specific high school level classes. As one homeschool mom described it, "Greg has a unique ability to pull out the most important information and present it in a way that's interesting and easy to understand."


The thrust of College Prep Science is to give homeschooled students access to science that is focused on scientific inquiry, critical thinking, process reasoning, data collection, and the graphical and written representation of research. Greg says, "we want to prepare competent, confident students for their remaining high school years, their college years, and life. The fact that our classes and labs are taught from a Christian / Creationist worldview does not mean they're 'watered down. Quite the contrary - they are very challenging. I believe we should think critically, deeply, creatively, and biblically. God is glorified as we explore his creation... illuminating His Creation, revealing His glory."

Greg and his wife live near Nashville, TN. His desire is to follow the Lord's leading in teaching students to illuminate the incredible creation the Lord has put all around us. It reveals His glory!

Some of Greg Landry's  Published Research & Research Presentations

Dodd, S., S. Powers, D. Thompson, G. Landry. "Ventilatory and Gas Exchange Dynamics in Response to Head-Down Tilt with and without Venous Occlusion." Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine. 59 (3), 239-245

G. Landry, J. Lawler, and S.K. Powers. "Effects of Menstrual Status on Ventilatory Chemosensitivity During Exercise: Role of Progesterone / Estrogen." Paper presented at the annual meeting of LERD, Baton Rouge, LA.


Powers, S., S. Dodd, J. Lawler,G. Landry, M. Kirtley, T. McKnight, S. Grinton. "Incidence of Exercise Induced Hypoxemia in Elite Athletes at Sea Level." European Journal of Applied Physiology, 58:298-302

G. Landry, J. Lawler, and S.K. Powers. "Effects of Oral Breathing vs.Combined Oronasal Breathing on Ventilation and Gas Exchange During Maximal Exercise." Abstract: Proceedings of the Southeastern American College of Sports Medicine Meeting. Paper presented at the Southeastern American College of Sports Medicine Meeting, Charleston SC.

Powers, S., J. Lawler, S. Dodd, R. Tulley, G.Landry, K. Wheeler. "Fluid Replacement Drinks during Heavy Exercise: Effects on Minimizing Exercise-Induced Disturbances in Homeostasis." European Journal of Applied Physiology. 60: 54-60

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G. Landry, S.K.Powers. "Ventilatory Dynamics in Response to Head-Down Tilt." Presented at the American College of Sports Medicine National Meeting, Las Vegas, NV


Powers, S., J. Lawler, J. Dempsey, S. Dodd, G. Landry. "Effects of Incomplete Gas Exchange on VO2 Max." Journal of Applied Physiology. 66: 2491-2495


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G. Landry, J. Lawler, B. Baker, S. Powers, and S. Dodd. "Accuracy of the Ohmeda Pulse Oximeter in Estimating Heart Rate During Exercise." Abstract: Proceeding of the Southeastern American College of Sports Medicine Meeting. Paper presented at the Southeastern American College of Sports Medicine Meeting, Winston-Salem, NC.

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