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The purpose of this podcast to encourage and equip homeschool moms to teach science (6th - 12th grade) and to make it interesting and enjoyable for students (and mom).


- We'll discuss interesting and unique aspects of teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy & Physiology.


- We'll also cover teaching science to your children who aren't going to college or who won't be college science majors, preparing students for college science, and preparing students for the ACT.

- We'll discuss the ins and outs of creating good lab reports.


- I'll draw on my years of teaching university students and homeschooled students to tell you some great stories (including cadaver lab stories)!

- And much more.

Upcoming Episodes...

- Order of middle school and high school science classes

- How to teach science to "non-science" students vs. college-bound science majors.

- What my wife and I learned about getting our homeschooled children through the college experience

- How your children can benefit from daily graphing and how to teach it

- How to write good lab reports and mistakes to avoid

- Stories from the cadaver lab

- How and why to teach the metric system

- My experience with homeschoolers as a college professor

- Top homeschool science mistakes and how to avoid them

- What you don't know about college sports scholarships for average homeschool athletes

- How to teach cellular respiration

- What my wife and I learned from searching for colleges for our homeschooled daughters

- What your students should know about basic statistics

- Why and how to teach measurement

- Should you take the ACT and SAT?

- How to prepare for each section of the ACT

- And much more

- Listen to the podcast with your children or listen alone and use the information for your teaching.

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- A new episode is available every Tuesday morning.

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