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80% Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program allows you to earn a commission on registrations for our online classes, virtual labs, and in-person camps. You earn a 80% commission on sales from people you refer to our website - even if the sale occurs up to 90 days after you refer them. The average sale on our site is $417.

We use a trusted name as our affiliate management company, Share a Sale. Share a Sale will give you a unique link to refer people to our site - it identifies you as the referring affiliate. You can use that link in text on your site, blog, in email messages, social media, or in promotional graphics we provide through Share a Sale. They will credit you with an affiliate sale (80% of purchase price) if a person you've referred purchases anything we offer for a period of 90 days after you refer them. Your affiliate commission will be paid through Share a Sale.

You simply register through Share a Sale as our affiliate. Using your affiliate link, you can then promote our website in a variety of ways:

- Through your social media

- Through your blog

- Through your web site

- Through your email list

Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can help.


Greg Landry

When registering as an affiliate, use invitation code:  L7A3H2Y4

Register as an Affiliate

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