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         Homeschool Mom Science Retreats

          Relax, Refresh, Learn, Be Encouraged, and Spend Time with Other Moms

                          Space at Each Location is Limited and on a First-Come, First-Served Basis

We've done these retreats in California, Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, and many states in between... and we have more scheduled for the 2017-18 homeschool year!

Greetings Homeschool Mom,

We love our mom retreats because it's a time when moms (the heart of homeschooling) get to spend time together; relaxing, learning, spending time with other moms, and being encouraged.

My wife and I homeschooled our daughters all the way through (except for 1st grade for our oldest - I'll tell you a story about that). They've graduated from college and we are empty nesters (I have some great college and empty nester stories for you too :) ). I've taught thousands of homeschooled students, and I've taught and counseled hundreds of science and pre-med major college students (along with directing a university gross anatomy / cadaver lab). These experiences give me a unique perspective on what we're doing right and what we can improve as Christian homeschooling parents. I'll tell you some great stories and give you some unique insight (some of it you may find surprising) as you direct your children through the high school years and toward the college years.

In addition to lots of fun and unique hands-on science, we'll talk about:

- How and when to start preparing your child(ren) who may be science majors

- The right and wrong way to use a science textbook

- The keys to teaching inquiry-based science that best prepares your children for college and life

- Science related skills that can help all of your children in several ways

- How to teach great science and spend less
- College selection - does it matter? Best way to do it?
- The truth about SAT and ACT and other standardized testing and how you can prepare your children... and other things you need to know about these tests

- We'll talk extensively about standardized testing for several reasons
- What you should start doing in sixth grade (or as soon after that as you can)

- How to save money on supplies

- The miracle of graphing :)
- College scholarships - what really matters
- How to teach science to younger students that will ultimately help them in the high school years and college
- The number one thing we need to work on as homeschooling parents
- The mistakes that most homeschooling families make with science-leaning high school students
- What your children will face in college and how to prepare them for that experience

- How to give your children an advantage for the college years
- Science and medical professions; the educational requirements, compensation, types of work, employment outlook, pros and cons, etc.

- We'll also spend time on your questions

And I'll tell you cool stories and "real-life" lessons from a university gross anatomy (cadaver) lab. For example:

- How dissecting pregnant cow uteruses affected my students at a public university

- Some of my students were dissecting a cadaver and noticed something shiny near the spinal cord. What do you think it was? :)

- The effect of some dissections on college students who were pro abortion
- What do you think we found in the nasal cavity of a 70 year-old male cadaver that had probably been there for almost 70 years? :)
- What characteristic have I seen in some pre-med students that almost assures their success at getting into medical school

- The "life 101" talk I give to homeschooling and college students
- How I introduce students to the cadaver lab
- What makes a student stand-out to their professors and admission committees (and it's Biblical)?
- Why I believe that God created us and everything around us - as stated in the Bible.. and why it's critically important for our children to understand, defend, and think critically about that.

Beyond all this, you'll be fellowshipping with, and learning from, other homeschooling moms in a relaxing, refreshing environment. Please note that space in these is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Gratefully In His Grip,


Greg Landry

Homeschool Dad

Former College Professor

Founder and Director, College Prep Science

--- The Details

- Length of the retreat: two days

- Commute or stay locally - two options:

1) Commute to the retreat location each day

2) Stay one or two nights at our camp facility or a local hotel.

- Daily schedule: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day. For moms spending the night at the retreat location, we'll do an additional 90 minute evening session.

- Meals: Meals are on your own - please bring a brown bag lunch each day

- Moms Only: While we all love our children, this retreat is for moms only. If your children are with you, they would need to hangout elsewhere at the camp facility during our 9:00 am - 4:00 pm sessions.

- Your tuition payment covers: Our science manual, t-shirt, apron, two days of instruction and all the supplies, materials, and specimens needed for the retreat.

- What should you bring? Just a pen and / or pencil and a brown bag lunch each day.

- Email reminder: We'll send you email two to three weeks prior to the retreat reminding you of the dates, time, and location.

--- Registration and Tuition Fees

- Registration fee of $50 per mom is due when registering

- Tuition (covers all instruction, supplies, etc.) is $70 per mom and due no later than 90 days prior to the moms' retreat (or, if the retreat is fewer than 90 days away, tuition is due when registering).

- Landry Credit - Any family who has a Landry credit of at least $70 can use that credit to pay the tuition (not the registration fee) for the retreat. Please click here for instructions on registering with Landry credit.

--- Locations and Dates


Please note: Space at each location is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Gastonia NC (Charlotte, Greenville SC, Winston-Salem) at Crowders Ridge Camp and Retreat Center - December 1-2, 2017

- If you'd like local overnight accommodations, there are local hotels. Or, if you'd like to stay on site at Crowders Ridge Camp and Retreat Center the nights of November 30 and / or December 1, a limited number of overnight accommodations are available. Please contact Nathan at for fees, types of accommodations, availability, etc.

Marble Falls TX (Austin, San Antonio, Waco) at Camp of the Hills - January 26-27, 2018

- If you'd like local overnight accommodations, there are local hotels. Or, if you'd like to stay on site at Camp of the Hills the nights of January 25 and / or 26, a limited number of overnight accommodations are available. Please contact Hannah at for fees, types of accommodations, availability, etc.

Prescott AZ (Prescott, Phoenix, Flagstaff) at Emmanuel Pines Camp - April 13-14, 2018

- If you'd like local overnight accommodations, there are local hotels. Or, if you'd like to stay on site at Emmanuel Pines Camp the nights of April 12 and / or 13, a limited number of overnight accommodations are available. Please contact Kathy at  for fees, types of accommodations, availability, etc.

Solgohachia AR (Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville) at Camp Solgohachia - May 11-12, 2018

- If you'd like local overnight accommodations, there are local hotels. Or, if you'd like to stay on site at Camp Solgohachia the nights of May 10 and / or 11, a limited number of overnight accommodations are available. Please contact them at  for fees, types of accommodations, availability, etc.

If you have questions, please click here to contact Greg Landry

"Hello. Greg, just a quick note to let you know much we loved the moms science retreat. Two of my dear friends and I just drove home from your New Hampshire retreat. We are truly refreshed and encouraged and we desperately needed that. Thank you!"



"... I have to tell you that this (moms science) retreat was such a blessing to me and my family, in several ways, but primarily because I dreaded teaching science. But I left the retreat yesterday with a whole new perspective on this. I'm so excited to get started with my children. I spent most of my two hour drive home yesterday thinking about everything I want to do. I loved your stories from the trenches and soaking up your years of experience. Thank you!"


"Greg, I left the moms science retreat so refreshed and inspired. My husband was grinning ear to ear when I got home as I talked for quite a while about the retreat. He knew I desperately needed this. Thank you!"



"Thanks So Much (moms science retreat). I was grateful to meet Landry and hear stories that moved me to cry and to laugh. I enjoyed tea and chocolate shared in the lab; was refreshed and uplifted by all the fun gab. I'm blessed by the knowledge and inspiration I received on my mini "mom vacation. I now have a fresh burst of motivation to raise up a Godly generation. Thanks for the break from our labor of love and the insights you shared from our Father above! May God receive glory from all you guys do!"

With warmest regards,

Amy in Yorktown, IN

"Greg, the (moms science) retreat was such a wonderful time for me, but I especially liked your stories. From your fourth graders, to your college students and summer camps, and especially the cadaver lab stories. I also loved listening to the 'life lessons' story that you tell to high schoolers."


"Dear Greg, I loved the Mom's Science Retreat last year! The accommodations and setting were fantastic! The fellowship was such a blessing too. I learned so much from you and my fellow home educators. I came away from the experience feeling refreshed, re-energized and fully equipped to teach Science to my boys, all the way through high school. The whole experience was such a blessing that I hesitate to register this year because I would be taking up a spot someone who has not done this yet could have. However, if there's room for me I'll be there again! Twelve hour drive and all!"

"This is Melissa _______ (the red head) from AL!!!

I hope you had a safe travels home. I want to tell Mr. Landry- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This (moms science retreat) weekend was so refreshing. We needed to see our dear friend Dawn and she needed to see us. We have been together for years, until her husband took a job in Ohio last year. They moved and we wanted to see her... I can tell you what it bought for me... a chance that is rare and often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of our day. The chance to see God our creator show off!"


"I love when he allows me to peek inside his grace and mercy and shows me that he is all about the details. His hand was all over this weekend and it showed in many ways. Here is our tiny list:"Our only roommate in our cabin the night before the conference had just gone to her first informational session to become a foster/adoptive parent and her and her family are praying about adoption. (We are the ones who all four of us: Melissa, Dawn, Shannon, and Carolyn have adopted from foster care in our state. Our sweet Dawn has struggled to understand Ohio homeschooling and the basics of "how to" get plugged into a group in her area. So who was at the table across from us and staying in the same cabin? A support group of sweet ladies, less than 30 minutes from her home. These women were truly excited to meet her and I think will take her under their wing and help get her plugged in."


"Dawn and her family did foster care with us in AL for almost 7 years. They found an agency in OH and have started the process of approval. She has found the state and agency to be so vastly different from what she is used to that she has questioned whether this was still the calling for their family. It has been tough hearing her struggle these last few months over Skype. So, in God's great mercy and maybe a little bit of humor, one of the ladies in the Ohio support group that is going to help Dawn with homeschooling is also a foster mom with the agency Dawn is applying to- AND has adopted several times with them. Please tell Mr. Landry that I will never forget his kind heart and this generous weekend. I was so impressed with the science, Mr. Landry, and his creationist approach, and just look so forward to...  God is so kind and full of grace and mercy and Mr. Landry was the facilitator of His divine work this weekend...." Much love from AL,Melissa

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