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National Homeschool Science Fair


Where? Nashville (Franklin) TN

A great place for a family vacation!

Who? All 4th - 12th grade homeschooled students are eligible to participate. Students may represent their project alone or with a lab partner (both students would need to register). The science fair will be limited to 120 projects.


June 21 (Friday)

--- 11:00 am - students begin project set-up

--- 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm, projects open to public and judges, science tutorials

--- 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, social time for homeschooling families

June 22 (Saturday)

--- 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, projects open to public and judges at various periods, science tutorials

--- 4:30 pm -  awards ceremony

--- 5:00 pm - end of science fair

Note: we'll have a block of local hotel rooms available on a first-come, first-served basis.

What? The science fair project should be an investigative science project presented on a display board. All levels of projects are welcomed. Design a project on a topic you're interested in, conduct the experiment, write a lab report, and put all of your information on a display board. Details and guidance will be sent once a student registers.

Age Categories? A student's project will be in one of three categories:

--- 4th - 6th Grade

--- 7th - 8th Grade

--- 9th - 12th Grade

Awards? 1st through 10th place will be awarded in each of the three age categories. Prizes will be donated by science vendors.

Fee to Participate? Registration fee is $25 per participant through March 23 (registration fee will increase for registrations after March 23).

Benefits of Participating? There are many benefits that a student may derive from preparing a science fair project and participating in this science fair - such as:

--- Hands-on learning of the scientific method

--- Hands-on learning to construct a research project

--- Hands-on learning to persevere through a project

--- Hands-on learning to present research in a public setting

--- May spur interest in science in general or a more specific topic

--- A valuable addition to scholarship and college applications

--- National attention for your project in the homeschool community

--- Helps students to develop confidence and competence

--- Develops skills that will benefit them in future science classes
--- Students receive valuable feedback and encouragement from judges and homeschooling families

--- Integrates several academic disciplines

--- Fosters a sense of scientific inquiry

--- Gives students a deep understanding of a specific topic

Questions? Click here to contact Greg Landry

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