Interactive Virtual Science Labs      

    1 Year Self-Paced Lab Subscription for
6th - 12th Grade Homeschooled Students

These are very realistic, very interactive, self-paced virtual labs with instructional videos that 6th - 12th grade students love and can perform from the convenience of home.

Greetings Parents & Students,

As a homeschool dad and former college professor, I'm passionate about teaching science, in particular, Christ-centered science to homeschooled students. We have created self-paced, interactive, virtual science labs and explanatory videos for 6th through 12th grade students.

There are NO supplies with these online labs. EVERYTHING is done online!


The labs are structured to build critical thinking skills and to develop a research and inquiry mindset. This results in quality lab reports and thinking skills that affect every area of academics and life. I believe we should think critically, deeply, creatively, and biblically. God is glorified as we explore His Creation... illuminating His Creation - revealing His glory!


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Gratefully in His Grip,


Professor Greg Landry
Homeschool Dad & Former College Professor
Founder and Director, College Prep Science

Listen to Audio on our Virtual Labs

How Does it Work?

- Students have access to the virtual lab experiments for a full year (12 months from whenever you'd like to start) and can work at their own pace.


- Students log in to our virtual lab (see picture above and click here to test drive) and choose the experiment they want to perform - 10 experiments are available for each subject. Note: a full school year (two semester) science class should include at least six lab experiments with full (formal) lab reports and a half school year (one semester) science class should include at least three experiments with full (formal) lab reports.

There are NO supplies with these online labs, EVERYTHING is done online!

- Students watch a video of professor Landry explaining the background information on the topic of that experiment and details on performing the experiment.

- With their mouse and keyboard, students follow a step-by-step method to perform all the steps in the experiment. Example: 1. "Move the beaker to the sink and fill with 80 milliliters of cold water." 2. "Place the thermometer in the water and record the initial temperature in your lab notebook." etc.

- Students record all data from the experiment in their (real paper) lab notebook.

- Students watch a video of professor Landry explaining, in detail, how to write a lab report and they're shown an example of lab report that they can use as a guide. Students / parents are also given guidance in assessing / grading a student's completed lab report.


- Students write a lab report based upon the experiment they performed and the data they collected.

----> Students are taught by Greg Landry, a 20-year veteran homeschool dad and former college professor. Greg is a Christian and young Earth creationist. He has taught and mentored several thousand homeschooled students and college students in various capacities for over 20 years. Click here to see his bio.

Virtual Lab Details

- Lab tuition is per subject and for the family for a 12 month period. - it may be used by any children in the family.

- For your transcript, your can record as a full homeschool year of labs for that subject.

There are NO supplies with these online labs, EVERYTHING is done online!

Subjects Offered...

- Biology / Anatomy & Physiology

- Chemistry

- Physics (conceptual - only basic math)

Tuition for 1 School Year Virtual Lab Access for a Family

$280 per family for one lab subject

(Lab subscription availability is limited & on a first-come, first-served basis)

Begin your 12 months of access now or later if you'd prefer.

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