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Chemistry & Physics
Two Day In-Person Lab Intensives?
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Hello Homeschool Mom,

I currently teach Biology / Anatomy & Physiology two day, In-person lab intensives at many locations throughout the U.S. I began teaching them over 14 years ago and I love teaching them! I get to see students' faces as they discover God's magnificent creation!


In the past, I have taught Chemistry & Physics two day, in-person lab intensives and I'm considering offering them again for the upcoming homeschool year (fall 2023 and spring 2024).

But, I would first like to determine how much interest there is in these labs.

Would you please consider helping me by...

-----     1. If you may have an interest in a Chemistry or Physics two day, in-person lab intensive in your area of the state, would you please complete the form below.

-----     2. The more interest there is, the more likely I am to offer these. Would you please consider sending the link for this page..

to your homeschooling friends, your homeschool group, and your homeschool related social media. Thank you!

If you have questions, please contact me.


Greg Landry
Homeschool Dad

Former College Professor

P.S. Join us at our April 2023 Homeschool Moms' Science Retreat and bring a friend free!


Possible Interest...
Chemistry or Physics Two Day Lab Intensive

Thank You!

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