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  • Greg Landry

My Favorite Chemistry Supplement Book for 5th - 12th Graders

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

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For years I've used, The Elements, A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe, as a supplement in my chemistry classes. Everything (all matter) is made of some combination of the 94 or so naturally occurring elements of the periodic table - they are the very core of chemistry. For most students, whether they are into science or not, there is some level of interest, and in some cases, fascination, in exploring the elements.

This book does a beautiful job of presenting the elements in an interesting and visually appealing manner. It explains their make-up, where they're found, what they're used for, unique facts, etc. For many students it piques their interest and often begins a journey that leads them into other science interests. Parents, it may hook you too. Once a student has gone through this book, they've had an introduction to the building blocks of all matter in the universe! How cool is that?

You can use this book as a supplement to any chemistry course, or for younger (5th-7th) grade students, possibly as a lone introduction to chemistry. The author is Theodore Gray. Enjoy!


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