Science Labs for Homeschooled Students     


We offer Two Options for Labs

Option #1. Virtual Interactive Labs

These are very realistic, very interactive, virtual labs that 6th - 12th grade students love and can perform from the convenience of home.

Subjects Offered...

- Biology / Anatomy & Physiology

- Chemistry

- Physics


- Students watch a video that explains the topic of the experiment, how to perform the experiment and write a lab report.

- With their mouse and keyboard, students perform all the steps in our science experiments.

- Students record all data from the experiments.

- Students write lab reports based upon the experiment they performed and the data they collected.

- Students can complete a full homeschool year of labs.

- Lab tuition is per subject and for the family - it may be used by any children in the family.

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       Option #2. Two Day In-Person Lab Intensives

Students can complete a homeschool year of biology or chemistry labs in two fun-filled, educational days, or both biology and chemistry in three days.

Subjects Offered...

- Biology

- Chemistry


- Lab intensives are offered at several locations nationwide.

- Lab tuition is per subject and for one student.

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