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Live Online Science Classes

Christ-Centered Classes for 6th - 12th Grade Homeschooled Students

Some 2024-25 Classes are Almost Full

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Live Online Classes for the 2023-24 Homeschool Year

Note: all of these science classes include our interactive virtual online labs ($280 value) at no additional charge

- Combo Science (Marine / Engineering / Earth / Chemistry / Space / Physics / Biology / Anatomy & Physiology) - 6th - 9th - 2 Semester Class
- Life Prep (standard level) High School Biology (8th-12th) - 2 Semester Class
- Life Prep (standard level) High School Chemistry (8th-12th) - 2 Semester Class
- Life Prep (standard level) High School Conceptual Physics (9th-12th) - 2 Semester Class
- Human Anatomy & Physiology (10th-12th) - 2 Semester Class

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"Greg, ...your orientation toward training students to be researchers and critical thinkers is just what our girls needed. It has also spilled over into how they approach history and literature..."


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Our Live Science Classes Come with Our Virtual Online Laboratory

(A $90 value at No Additional Charge)




Standard Order of Live Science Classes

Note: Please keep in mind that this is a "typical" order but not a required order.


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6th-12th Grade Science (2 semester classes)

- Combo Science (Physical / Life / Marine / Earth & Space Science)

- Biology

- Chemistry

- Anatomy & Physiology

- Physics


We focus on building critical thinking skills and developing a research and inquiry mindset with the resulting quality lab reports and thinking skills that affect every area of academics and life. I believe we should think critically, deeply, creatively, and biblically." God is glorified as we explore His Creation in depth... illuminating His creation - revealing His glory!

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"Greg, ...what you did for our daughter will have far reaching effects. You showed her that learning can be enjoyable..."

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FAQ's for Online Classes


Which time zone are class times?


-- All class times are listed as Eastern Time (ET)


Are students required to attend classes at the live time?


-- No. They are not penalized in any way for not attending the live classes - they can watch the class recording every week. The class recording is posted to the student's class homeroom page within 2 hours after the live class and is available to students 24/7. We have many students who, because of schedule conflicts, are not able to attend some or all live classes.

Are there labs / lab reports with the live online science classes?


-- Yes, for all science classes except 4 week classes. We have developed interactive virtual online labs ($280 value) that are a part of our live online classes - there is no additional cost to students.


This enables students to perform very realistic labs online. Most public and private schools now use virtual labs. Students are able to actually perform tasks in the lab - It's a very realistic experience for students who are able to experience and participate in many labs not typically possible before college for high school students. This is very interactive - it's NOT watching a video.


Students are able to virtually pour liquids, light burners, move things in the lab, weigh things, measure temperatures, record results, etc. Most students love these labs. There are no supplies to purchase or smelly dissections - EVERYTHING is done online. Students are instructed on how to produce quality lab reports and they turn-in formal lab reports (with each lab experiment) which are graded.

Do you offer early registration or sibling discounts?

We typically open registration for the upcoming homeschool year in November or December with the largest early registration discount. That discount decreases every week and ends in April. I'm sorry but we don't offer sibling discounts.

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You offer "life prep" (standard level) online science classes - which students should take those?


"Life Prep" (standard level) biology, chemistry, and physics online classes  are standard high school level classes that are less rigorous than "honors" classes and they are specifically designed to be interesting and appealing to "non-science" or "non-math" students - students who may sometimes struggle with science or math.


It gives students a firm foundation and basic understanding of the subject. It prepares them for life - to move into adulthood with a keen understanding and appreciation of God's magnificent creation! It is similar in intensity, depth, and scope to a standard public or private high school class, but taught from a Christian worldview and created specifically to be interesting and appealing to "non-science" / "non-math" students.

The depth, breadth, and pedagogy of many "honors" or "college prep" science classes leaves many "non-science" or "non-math" students frustrated, uninterested, and ultimately learning very little. I find that students in this situation often miss the big picture and they don't have an overall understanding of the subject matter that is so critical in these classes. They can't see the forest because they're lost in the trees. My "life prep" standard level classes enable students to see the forest and will allow them to learn science through the lens of their God-given interests and talents.


What is the academic calendar for the 2024-25 homeschool year?


Classes begin September 3, 2024

Fall break - week of October 7, 2024
Thanksgiving break - week of November 25, 2024

Christmas break begins - week of December 9, 2024

Classes resume - week of January 13, 2025

Spring break - week of February 24, 2025

Easter break - week of April 14, 2025

Final exams end - May 2, 2025


Are students issued an end-of-class grade for a class?


-- Yes, students receive an end-of-class grade in their grade book online. This serves as an independent evaluation of a student's performance. For some colleges and universities, this validates homeschool grades - especially in the sciences and for math.

Our Live Science Classes Come with Our Virtual Online Laboratory

(A $90 value at No Additional Charge)



What are details of the online classes?


-- Students are guided in their study and held accountable to complete the work, yet are led toward being independent learners and critical thinkers. Parents do not have to do any grading or anything else for classes but are encouraged to be aware of what their students are doing.

-- We use Canvas (considered by many to be one of the best online class platforms) as a virtual "homeroom" for a student's online class....

---->  Classes meet for 45-60 minutes once per week in our online "classroom" in Canvas. Students can see and hear the teacher (Professor Landry) and the classroom whiteboard, and can communicate with the teacher via chat in class. Students can attend the live class or watch the class recording 24/7.

---->  Students can also communicate with Professor Landry via our class homeroom email outside of class. He prioritizes email from students and responds in a timely manner - usually within a few hours and always at least within the same day.

---->  Students have a weekly homework turn-in assignment that they turn-in at their "homeroom" in Canvas.

---->  Students perform very realistic labs (for science classes) in our virtual online lab and write lab reports which are turned-in and graded at their "homeroom" in Canvas. The don't need any supplies - everything is done online. Professor Landry is obsessive about teaching students to write quality lab reports.

---->  Students take graded exams (approximately once every three weeks) at their "homeroom" in Canvas.

---->  Student's grades for homework, lab reports, and exams are available to them in the Canvas grade book in their "homeroom" as well as their current overall grade for the class.

----> Students are issued a final grade at the end of the class.


----> Students are taught by Greg Landry, a 20-year veteran homeschool dad and former college professor. Greg is a Christian and young Earth creationist. He has taught and mentored several thousand homeschooled students and college students in various capacities for over 20 years. Click here to see his bio.



"Greg,... your teaching motivates my kids like no teacher ever has. Thank you for bringing some joy back in to our homeschooling."

Katy in Virginia

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Our Live Science Classes Come with Our Virtual Online Laboratory

(A $90 value at No Additional Charge)


Questions? Click here to contact Greg Landry

Class Descriptions


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Questions? Click here to contact Greg Landry

Two Semester (full school year) 2024-25 Live Class Tuition:

Some Classes are Almost Full

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