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  • Greg Landry

Science Classes that "Non-Science" Students Love

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

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I absolutely love teaching science to homeschooled students! All the more reason it breaks my heart to see a student in a class that's over their head or in a class that's just far more depth than they need, with more math than they need - sometimes making science a miserable experience for them.

Over the past 20+ years I've taught science to pre-med college students and to thousands of 6th through 12th grade homeschooled students. It breaks my heart to see a student struggling in a science class they should be loving. My estimate is that 70% of homeschooled students should not be in college prep science classes.

If a student is not going to be a science major in college or is not going to college, they don't need to (and shouldn't) be in the weeds of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. They should be in a Biology, Chemistry, or Physics class that gives them a basic understanding of those subjects and God's magnificent creation without smothering them with depth.

The depth, breadth, math level, and pedagogy of many college-prep science classes leaves many "non-science" students frustrated, uninterested, and ultimately learning very little. They often end up despising science when it can be just the opposite.

I find that students in this situation often miss the big picture and they don't have an overall understanding of the subject matter that is so critical in science. They can't see the forest because they're lost in the trees.

They need a firm foundation and basic understanding of the science that surrounds us. A class that encourages them to be inquisitive, resourceful, and to think critically. A class that prepares them for life - to move into adulthood with a keen understanding and appreciation of God's magnificent creation! A class that allows them to see science through the lens of their God-given interests and talents. They need a standard high school level course that is designed to be interesting and appealing to "non-science" students.

My "Life-Prep" Biology, Chemistry, and Physics classes are designed specifically for "non-science" students.. students whose interests, talents, skills, and enjoyment typically lie in topics other than science.


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