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  • Greg Landry

Top 10 Homeschooling Mistakes

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

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Through 20+ years of working with thousands of homeschooling families, teaching 4th-12th grade homeschooled students, and teaching university pre-med students who were homeschooled, I have unique insight into what we're doing right and what we need to work on as homeschoolers.

This article is particularly geared toward college-bound students but much of it would apply to all students.  Since science is my area of expertise, the article is also slanted toward students interested in science.

The Big 10:

1. Not doing enough testing and not doing timed tests.

2. Schooling year round or schooling too far into the summer. Students need to know that they can work hard for a prescribed period of time and then have a complete break from classes for a while. I believe it's actually counterproductive to school year round or with very little break.

3. Being squeamish on the science of Creation. Science is on our side - God created it. We need to boldly teach our students all the ways that science and the world around us support biblical creation.

4. Not starting to prepare for college early by beginning to take the ACT in 9th grade, along with other preparations. In these first years the student is taking it for practice not for the score.

5. Not starting serious high school sciences early enough.. especially if a student may be a college science major. Critical decisions should be made going into 8th grade.

6. For younger students, call the sciences what they are (chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy & physiology) rather than "physical science" and "general science" and teach them that way. This makes high school science more familiar and far less intimidating.

7. Not giving students a structured academic environment early. Beginning in 6th or 7th grade, provide a structured academic environment for students that includes deadlines that have to be met. Inability to meet deadlines is a critical deficiency in most homeschooled students.

8. Not looking for colleges early - most families end up doing this in a last minute frantic rush - not good for many reasons.

9. Not allowing students to take some of their classes as "outside" classes in the middle and high school years. Students need to begin the process of taking classes from others / being accountable to other teachers as they prepare for college. Homeschooled students need experience in meeting real deadlines.

10. Losing our focus - all we do should glorify God. Press on!


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